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Allow darkness in to reveal the light, I said once. To myself. Possibly.

Shah Wharton's Bio:

Shah is the author of several horror stories who blogs about dark fiction and writing on her author blog and short stories and poetry on Shah's Scribbles. A psychology graduated (1999) who previously worked in industries as dissimilar as perfumery and social work, she has many experiences to draw from in her writing. Between 2016-2018 she will be studying a Masters in Creative Writing. Her husband and their two dogs - a huge German Shepherd and a Rottweiler - are the loves of her life, some say she is mildly obsessed with Bob Dylan, and although she hated school she fantasises about attending Hogwarts.

Shah Wharton's Experience:

Shah Wharton's Education:

Shah Wharton's Interests & Activities:

Writing, Reading, Movies, Theatre, Horror, Dogs, Travel, Music, Genre: horror, thriller, fantasy, comedy.

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